The Uprising

Several centuries ago, but still fresh in the minds of many, the emboldened races of the Underdark united in an unlikely alliance to invade and claim the surface worlds.

Their black armies flooded the surface and began to raid settlements and raze cities. It was a fast and brutal attack; within the first month numerous cities were lost. Massive trains of refugees were sent reeling across the various continents.

Faced with obliteration, the remaining races of the surface worlds banded together to push back the Underdark armies. The war went on for several years. Hundreds of thousands died on both sides.

A group of heroes, using the war as a costly distraction, delved deep into the Underdark and uncovered the resurgence of Lolth. Many of the heroes never returned, but they undid the plot, and Lolth was again lost to the Drow.

With the power of their goddess stripped from them, the armies of the Underdark scattered and fled back underground. The war was finished, but many assumed that it wasn’t over.

The Uprising

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