Nemoria - Rise of the Godfell

Session 5 - Dispelling the Goddess

The Death of Pegma

The adventurers found themselves in the ritual chamber. Rosetta was convulsing beneath the hand of a priest. With a thrust of the dagger the ritual was complete and Lolth manifested herself in Rosettas body.

Drow assailed the party in a bloody conflict. Several had revealed themselves to be massive driders, part Drow – part spider.

It seemed that more and more kept appearing, threatening to overwhelm the party. Until they realized that it was all a ruse by Lolth herself.

During the fight, several members fell- but all found their feet to continue to fight. All but Pegma Boulderbolt Hyaloclasthai. He fell, and did not rise again.

In the end, the high priest fled with the last of his gods power. The rest of the group amassed around Lolth and attempted to pull the dagger out. Invoking both the God of Ilmatar and Queen Titania, they found the strength and will to free Rosetta from the ritual and save all of Burnfell.



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