Nemoria - Rise of the Godfell

Session 4 - The Spider in Burnfell

The heroes raced to find their friend and stop the Drow priests from reviving a god. They found themselves on another lower floor of the ancient temple, but this floor was far older. They encountered all manner of otherworldly creatures hiding down here, seeking to block their path forward.

In the center of the chamber they encountered their old foe Grimly. He had been resurrected and sent to stand before the approaching enemies. He stood as a worthy foe, nigh impervious to anything they dealt. They realized that Grimly was looking for his looted long sword. With one great cleave, Pegma wedged the sword into Grimlys head, undoing the magic and laying him to rest once more.

Several more creatures stood in their path. The players sought to find magical spiders that unlocked massive doors. They had to catch and interrogate Quicklings, kill Darklings, slay a Flaming Skull and a Spectator, and finally- do a kind deed to an incapacitated Flumph.

Through their trials they unlocked the doors, discovered some magical treasures, and finally unlocked the door. But the ritual had ended. Rosetta lay on the alter, and as the heroes approached they witnessed a dagger slam into her chest.

And then a dark presence made itself known. There was a Spider in Burnfell.



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