The goddess Lolth was being empowered by her followers.

The denizens of the Underdark were beginning vast rituals to grant her immense power. But the Lawful Good gods could not allow this, and united to cast Lolth not only out of the Abyss, but the ethereal planes as well.

Lolths physical body was lost, and her power fading. But her worshippers wouldn’t allow this.

Lolths body was recreated in a ceremony called the Binding. The ritual bound her presence within the bodies of four dying women. This pulled Lolth from the purgatory she was sentenced to, and her physical body was pulled from the heavens. It struck a massive continent, shattering it into four pieces and creating the whirlpool sea known as the Godfell.

That was nearly a millennia ago. The people live with the history as a cautionary tale, and many believe it now to be embellished history. A story used to frighten misbehaving children.

But in these worlds where Gods walk the land, things should never be forgotten.

With the living fragments of Lolth still missing- possibly still bound to physical form- the drow have united the races of the Underdark under one banner.

A slowly enclosing web is wrapping itself around the land of Nemoria. Our adventurers will seek to discover the threat, and endeavor to the cut the strings binding the lands fate.

Welcome to the four continents of Nemoria.

Nemoria - Rise of the Godfell

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